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Сумерки - адаптированная книга


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Адаптированная литература на английском языке

Сумерки, Вампирская сага


I never thought about my death before. Now I was in the dark room and one bad boy wanted to kill me.

He wanted to kill me because I loved another bad boy.

Both of them were vampires. How strange. A normal girl was dreaming about love with a monster.

OK - I said to myself. I'm ready to die.

Chapter one. First sight.

I was going to Forks to my father. I was going to live there. I didn't want to do it. But my mother found a new boyfriend, she was happy with him. She didn't need me anymore. It was sad but true.

She loved me of course. But I decided to go to my father. I had to finish school. I was a child yet. Big enough but a child. I needed someone by my side. Someone who loved me. Someone who was ready to help me.

We were at the airport with my mother. She said:

- You can stay here. You don't want to go there.
- I do. I want to go.

I was a bad liar, but I had no choice. I was a little afraid. I didn't like any changes. But I was also stubborn.

- I want to go - I repeated.

We kissed each other and in five minutes I was on the plane.

When I arrived in Forks I saw my father and his car. He was waiting for me. He was a police officer. He lived in a small town and everybody here knew him very well. I was sure that every person in this town already knew about my arriving.

At first I wanted to buy a car for myself. I didn't want to go to school by police car. I'm not a criminal to do it. My father knew about it and he said:

- I found a car for you.
- Ok. What kind of car?
- It's a little old but I hope you will like it.
- How old is it?
- I'm not sure... Maybe about 50...

- Father? Are you crazy? 50 years old for a car? It is TOO OLD!
- Don't be angry. It's a good car, I promise.
- And how much is this car?
- It's free. It's a present for you from me.

FREE? It was a surprise. Ok, I'll see this thing.

When I saw it I fell in love with it. It was really a very old car but I loved it at the first sight. It was safe - I felt it. It was like a tank.

- Thank you, Dad! It's fantastic!

Charlie (my father) was very glad to see me. He loved me very much. I knew it. He never talked about it - he didn't talk much ever. But I could feel - he was extremely happy to be with me, happy that I would live with him. My parents were divorced for many years and the most part of my life I lived with my mother. I was seeing Charlie only once a year every summer when I went to him on holidays.

I had my own room in this house. It was a simple room with a bad, a chair, a table, an old computer - nothing unusual.




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