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Mr. Green -

Chapter 1 | About Mister Green
This is a cat. His name is Mister Green. And he is green. Why?

Because he eats only frogs and cucumbers. He drinks green tea. And he sleeps on green grass. He has green eyes. He has a green nose. He has green teeth. He has green fur.

His friends always say to him:  'Mr. Green, you are not a cat, you are a green furry cucumber.'


Chapter 2 | Mr. Green's family
Mr. Green has a family. His family is big. He has a mother and a father. He has five sisters and seven brothers.

His father's name is John. He is black. He is nine years old. He is very big.

His mother's name is Sara. She is white. She is six years old. She is very beautiful.

All his brothers are black. They are all three years old. Their names are Blackie One, Blackie Two, Blackie Three, Blackie Four, Blackie Five, Blackie Six, Blackie Seven.

All his sisters are white. They are all two years old. Their names are Whity One, Whity Two, Whity Three, Whity Four, Whity Five.

All cats in his family are white and black. Only Mr. Green is green


Chapter 3 | Mr. Green's house
Mr. Green lives in a big house. And he has a big garden around his house.

Mr. Green's house is white and green. There are four rooms in his house. There are two bedrooms, one study and a movie-theatre. Of course, there is a big kitchen in his house.

Mr. Green sleeps in the big bedroom on a green sofa. He has a very big and very soft sofa. He sleeps 16 hours a day.

When he wakes up, he goes to the kitchen. He drinks apple juice and eats eleven apples. Then he goes to the garden. He wants to have fresh cucumbers for his second breakfast. Mr. Green grows a lot of cucumbers.


Chapter 4 | Yellow Rat
Mr. Green has a friend. It's a yellow Rat.

- Why are you yellow, Rat?
- Because I like to eat bananas.
- What do you drink?
- I drink lemon juice.
- Where do you live?
- I live in a yellow house.
- Who is your friend?
- My friend Is Mister Cucumber?
- Is he a real cucumber?
- No, he is a cat.
- Why do you call him Mister Cucumber?
- Because he likes to eat cucumbers and he is green.


Chapter 5 | Picnic
Yellow Rat comes to Mr. Green.

- Hello Rat. How are you?
- Hi Cat. I'm fine, thanks. And how are you?
- I am fine, too, thank you very much.
- Cat, let's have a picnic on the roof.
- On the roof? It's a great idea! Let's do it.
- I will bring yellow food: bananas, lemons, cheese, yellow apples, - says the rat.
- I don't eat yellow food, - says the cat, - I eat only green food. Do you have green food?
- No, I don't have green food, I eat only yellow food, - says the rat.
- Ok, I will take cucumbers, green tomatoes, five grilled frogs and one avocado.
- Do you have a carpet on your roof? - the rat asks.
- No, I don't, but I can take a green towel, - says the cat.
- Green towel is for you. I need a yellow towel. I will go home and I will bring my yellow towel. I'll see you on the roof.


Chapter 6 | Orange Bird
Mr. Green and Yellow Rat are sitting on the roof.
Mr. Green eats his cucumbers, grilled frogs and drinks green tea.
Yellow Rat eats bananas, lemons, cheese and drinks lemon juice with honey.
They are talking about music, sports, politics and friendship.
Suddenly they see an orange bird, very big bird.
She flies up to them and says:
- Hello, my name is Orange Bird. What are your names? I am very hungry. Can you give me some food, please?
Mr. Green says:
- Hello. My name is Mister Green. Nice to meet you. I'm sorry, I have no food for you.
Yellow Rat says:
- Hello. My name is Yellow Rat. Nice to meet you too. I am very sorry too, but I have no food for you.
Orange bird is very surprised and she says:
- But you have a lot of food!
Mr. Green and Yellow Rat yell together:
- But you are orange!
- And what?- asks Orange Bird.
- If you are orange, you need to eat only orange food.
- I like orange food very much, but when I'm hungry, I eat everything.
Mr. Green gives the bird three grilled frogs and Yellow Rat gives the bird seven bananas.
- Thank you very much, my new friends, - says the bird and starts eating.
- Where are you from? - ask the cat and the rat.
- I am from the Magic Forest.


Chapter 7 | Magic Forrest
Mister Green and Yellow Rat are very surprised. They want to know about Magic Forest.

They ask a lot of questions:
- Who lives in Magic Forest?
- Is it big?
- Are there cats in this forest?
- Are there rats in this forest?
- Is there a lot of green food?
- Is there a lot of yellow food?
- Is Magic Forest green or yellow?
- Can we go to the Magic Forest?

Orange Bird answers:
- Magic Forrest is very big. Many animals live there. Cats, rats, bats, horses, cows, elephants, crocodiles, parrots and other animals live in Magic Forest. There is a lot of food there. You can find green cucumbers and yellow cucumbers. You can find green bananas and yellow bananas in Magic Forest. You can find yellow frogs and green cheese there. There is red food, pink food, violet food, purple food, white food and black food in this forest. There are white crocodiles, grey bears, red frogs and pink wolves there. Magic Forrest is a magical place.

Mister Green says:
- I want to go to Magic Forest.
Yellow Rat says:
- I want to go to Magic Forest, too. Take us to this forest.

Orange Bird answers:
- I can take you to Magic Forest, but it is not easy to go inside. You need to have a special passport to go inside. I have it, you don't. But if you pass three exams you will get your passports and you will go inside.


Chapter 8 | Test 1
- I'm not afraid of tests. I am very smart, - says Mister Green.
- I'm very afraid of tests, but I really want to go to a Magic Forest, - says Yellow Rat.

And they go to the Magic Forest. They go there 5 days. They are very tired and very hungry.

When they come, they see a Pink Elephant. He says:
- Do you have passports?
- No.
- Go home if you have no passports.
- But we are ready to pass the test.
- Ok then. Test N1 is very difficult. You need to eat 100 kilos of food. Every one must eat 100 kilos of food. You can see these green potato (100 kilos) and yellow strawberry (100 kilos). One, two, three, start!

And the cat and the rat eat everything in 2 minutes.

Why do they eat everything so fast? Can you give me two reasons ( )?

Chapter 9 | Test 2
Chapter 10 | Test 3
Chapter 11 | New homes
Chapter 12 | Magic words
Mr. Green and Yellow Rat want to build their houses fast. But how to do it?

- I want to have a big house, - says the cat.
- And I want to have a big house, - says the rat.
- It will take a lot of time, - says the cat.
- It will take a lot of money, - says the rat.

Orange bird hears their talking and she says:
- My friends, you forgot where you are now. It's the Magic Forest! You don't need time or money to have new houses.
- We don't need money?
- We don't need time?
- But what do we need? - ask the cat and the rat.
- You need a magic word.
- But we don't know any magic words.
- I will tell you one very magic word, it will help you to build houses, to get food, to find gold, to fly like a bird and to swim like a fish.- Says the bird.

- Tell us, tell us, tell us this word, ple-eeeeeaaaa-se!- the cat and the rat yell.
- Ok, this word is Qwerty-Merty-Berty, and then you must say 'I want...' something, you need to say it and you will get it.

Chapter 13 | I want this
Mr. Green and Yellow Rat are very happy!

The cat says:
- Querty-Merty-Berty, I want to have a new big house.
- Querty-Merty-Berty, I want to have a kilo of green cucumbers.
- Querty-Merty-Berty, I want to have a green helicopter.
- Querty-Merty-Berty, I want to have a new garden in Magic Forest.
- Querty-Merty-Berty, I want to have a new green friend.

The rat says:
- Querty-Merty-Berty, I want to have a new yellow house.
- Querty-Merty-Berty, I want to have a huge yellow banana.
- Querty-Merty-Berty, I want to have a yellow train.
- Querty-Merty-Berty, I want to have new yellow shoes.
- Querty-Merty-Berty, I want to have 100 yellow books.

And as soon as they finish saying this words, new houses, a huge banana, green cucumbers, a helicopter, a new garden, new shoes, yellow books, a yellow toy train and a green butterfly appear in front of them.

Chapter 14 | What is in my house?
- Wow! - says the cat.
- Wow! - says the rat.
- We have everything we want! It's magic! It's real magic!
- Let's go inside our houses and let's see what we have inside.

And they went into the cat's house then they went into the rat's house.

There was a problem, the houses were empty, there was nothing in these houses.

What do you think the cat and the rat do? How do they get furniture?
Can you say what they say?

Chapter 15 | A new cat's friend
You remember that Mr. Green has a new friend.
Who is his new friend?
What color is this friend?

You are right, his new friend is a green butterfly.
- What is your name, little butterfly?- asks the cat.
- My name is Green Wing, - says the butterfly. - And what's your name?
- My name is Mr. Green, or Furry Cucumber, or Mr. Cucumber, or Green Cat, - says the cat.
- Oh, you have so many names, but I don't like them, - says Green Wing.
- Why you don't like them?
- I don't know. May I call you My Cucu? - asks the butterfly.
- Wow! It's cool! Yes, you may. Call me My Cucu, because now I'm your Cucu. I love this name!
- I like that you like it. Do you like games, My Cucu? - asks the butterfly.
- Yes, I do. - Says the cat, - Let's play.
- Ok. I will fly around and you need to try to catch me, but don't touch my wings, touch my nose or my small tail. When you touch me, you win. After that you will run or jump around and I will try to catch you. Ok?
- What a wonderful game! Let's start.

And they start playing.

Chapter 16 | A lonely rat.
Mr. Green and Green Wing play one day, then three days, then a week, then two weeks.
Mr. Green forgets about his old friend Yellow Rat.

Yellow Rat is alone. Yellow Rat is very sad. Yellow Rat comes up to Mr. Green's door but the door is locked. The rat can't go inside and play with the cat and the butterfly. Yellow Rat sits in her new house and cries.

Orange Bird hears her cry and flies to her house. She knocks at the door: knock-knock.
The rat opens the door and says:
- Hello Orange Bird. How are you?
- Hello my friend, I'm fine. And you?
- I'm fine, thanks.
- But you are crying! Why?
- I am lonely, I have no friends, I have nobody to talk to, I have nobody to play with. And I don't know what to do... Will you play with me, Orange Bird? - asks the rat.
- I'm sorry, I can't, I'm very busy. But how about a new friend? - asks the bird.
- Where can I find a new friend? I know nobody in this forest. - says the rat sadly.
- How did Mr. Green get a new friend, remember?
- Exactly! - says the bird, - Now I must fly away, a lot of things to do, good bye and good luck! - and Orange Bird flies away

Yellow Ray says good bye to the bird and yells:
- Qwerty-Merty-Berty, I want to have a very big and very yellow new friend!

And in a second something huge and very heavy falls on the ground near the rat. It is very big!!! It is very yellow!!!

Who is this new friend? You will know in the next chapter.

Chapter 17 | Eliot
So Yellow Rat has a new friend.

Tell me please, my reader:
- Is this a small friend?
(say YES or NO)
- Is this a big friend?
- Is this a green friend?
- Is this a yellow friend?

Do you want to know who is this new big yellow friend? I will tell you.

And his name is Eliot.

- Hello, Ratty, I'm your new friend. Nice to meet you.
- Hello, Friend. Nice to meet you too. What is your name?
- I'm Eliot.
- What a beautiful name! I am Yellow Rat.
- May I call you Elly? - asks the dragon.
- Yes, you may. Elly and Eliot. It's amazing, - says the rat.

And at this moment somebody knocks at the door.

Chapter 18 | Mr. Green is worried
Yellow Rat opens the door and he sees his friend Mr. Green.

Mr. Green is worried and he speaks loudly and fast:
- Yellow Rat, are you ok? I heard a terrible noise. I felt so scared. I fell from the table onto the floor when I heard this noise. I thought about you. Maybe somebody big jumped on you and killed you? I was so worried! Maybe it was a bomb? I ran to you at once to see you are ok. Are you ok?
- Yes, I'm ok. I'm very ok. But I'm not Yellow Rat anymore, - says the rat.
- Not a rat? Not Yellow Rat? But who are you? - asks the cat.
- Call me Elly. I am Elly now. This is my new name, - says the rat.
- Nice to see you, Elly. Very nice name. My name is Mister Green.

But now Green Wing, the butterfly flies up to the rat's nose and she sais:
- No, he is not Mister Green, his new name is My Cucu.

The rat starts laughing:
- What??? My what? Cucu? Maybe, he is My Mumu? Or he is My Tutu? Or My Nunu? My Gugu?

The rat is laughing and laughing, she can't stop.
- Stop laughing, Rat! I'm non Gugu, not Mumu, not Tutu, I'm Mister Green.

Now the butterfly starts crying:
- But you are My Cucu... and she is crying and crying and crying...

Mister Green says to the butterfly:
- Stop crying, my Green Wing. For you I am your Cucu, only for you, but for all other animals I am Mister Green.

At this moment a huge yellow muzzle with huge eyes and huge mouth full of enormous teeth appears from the curtains and says:
- Hello Mr. Green. Hello everybody.

Everybody forgets about the dragon.

Chapter 19 | We have a problem
And now the Yellow Dragon is looking at everybody.

- It's my new friend Eliot, - sais the Rat.
- Hello Eliot, - says everybody
- Hi again, - says the dragon, - You are all so beautiful, may I kiss you?
- Yes, you may, - say Mister Green and Green Wing.

The Dragon kisses the cat. Then the dragon kisses the butterfly.

And after this kiss butterfly disappears.

- Where is the butterfly? - cries the cat.
- Where is the butterfly? - cries the rat.
- Where is the butterfly? - asks the dragon.

- I am here, - they hear the answer of the butterfly from somewhere.
- Where are you? - cries everybody.
- I am in the dragon's stomach. He swallowed me. - sais the butterfly.
- Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't want to, - says the dragon.
- What shall we do? - asks everybody.
- I think I know what we should do, what the dragon should do,- says the cat, - You need to spit her out Spit, spit, spit!

- Oh, you are so smart, kitty, - says the dragon.
- Stop talking and start spitting!

And the dragon spits, spits, spits, spits... but no butterfly...

- I'm dying here, do something, please, - they hear the butterfly's voice from the dragon's stomach.

- I will say the magic word, - says the cat, - Qwerty-Merty-Berty, butterfly, come back!

Nothing happens.

- I will say the magic word, - says the rat, - Qwerty-Merty-Berty, butterfly, come back!

Nothing happens.

- Eliot, - says the rat, - I think you need to say the magic word.
- Ok, I will try, but I have a bad memory, but I will try, - says the dragon.

- Boorty-Moorty-Doorty, butterfly, came back!
- No, not these words!

- Dusty-Musty-Rusty, butterfly, came back!
- No, not these words!

- Bizy-Mizy-Tizy, butterfly, came back!
- No, not these words!

- Shorty-Borty-Zorty, butterfly, came back!
- No, not these words!

- Farewell, my friend, I am dying, good bye forever, I'm dead, - says the butterfly, and everybody is silent.

Chapter 20 | A ghost
The cat start crying.
The rat start crying.
The dragon starts crying.

- Oh, poor Green Wing. Oh, poor beautiful butterfly. Why did you die?

And a voice answered:
- I died because the dragon kissed me. I died because the dragon can't say the magic word.

The cat, the rat and the dragon look around and they see a big green shadow. This shadow has a form of butterfly.

- Green Wing, is it you? - asks the cat.
- Yes and no. I'm the soul of the butterfly. I am the ghost. But the body of the butterfly is dead, and her body is in the dragon's stomach.
- Can we get her body, can you be alive again?- asks the cat, crying.
- Yes, we can, - says the ghost.
- But how? How can we get your body?- asks the cat.
- I can't tell you here, let's go home, and you will know how we can bring me back to life, - says the butterfly.

Chapter 21 | We must do it
The cat and the butterfly ghost go home.

- Tell me, - says the cat, - how to get your body from the dragon's stomach?
- Easy, - says the butterfly ghost, - we need to kill the dragon, cut his stomach open and get my body.
- To kill the dragon? But how? He is huge! He is very strong! He is not so bad, he is not a monster! - says the cat.
- If you want to save me, you must do it, we must do it! - says the ghost.
- I can't kill anybody! I don't want to kill anybody! I am a good cat. - Mr. Green says.
- Then I will kill the dragon! - says the ghost. - Qwerty-Merty-Berty, I want the dragon to die!

There is a big bang! And the white smoke appears in the room.

- What is happening? - asks the cat. - I am afraid!

- Don't be afraid, everything is ok, - says a new deep voice.
- Who are you? A dragon ghost? Is the dragon dead?
- Nobody is dead. And I'm not a ghost. I am the president of Magic Forest.

Chapter 22 | President of Magic Forest
Mr. Green is very surprised and very scared.
The butterfly died, her ghost wanted to kill the dragon. And now the president of Magic Forest came to the cat. What will happen next?

Mr. Green is sitting and shivering, because he is really frightened.

And in the white smoke he sees a very big white tiger.

- Who are you? - asks the cat.
- I am Mister White. I am the president of this place, - says the white tiger.
- Nice to meet you Mister President, I am mis... mist... miste... I am a green cat.
- Hello Mr. Green. I know you. I know who you are. You are a very good cat.
- But...
- Don't worry, everything is good. It's a magic place, remember?- says the tiger.

- It's good, - says the cat, - but I have three questions.

Chapter 23 | Three questions
I have three questions, - says the cat.
- Where is the butterfly ghost?
- Is the dragon alive?
- What will be with Green Wing?

White Tiger answers:
- The butterfly ghost flew away to the ghost forest. It's a special place for ghosts. It's a very dark, very sad and very dangerous place.
- The dragon is alive. Everything is ok with him.

- But the butterfly ghost wanted to kill him and she sat the magic words.- The cat says.
- The magic words can't kill anybody, because it's good magic, - says the tiger. - Nobody can be killed in our forest, nobody can be ill in our forest, because our forest is magic forest.

- But how Green Wing? She is dead, isn't she?
- No, she is not dead, she sleeps in the dragon stomach, - says the tiger.
- Can you get her out of it? - asks the cat.
- Yes, I can. Shut your ears with your paws, I will say special magic words and your Green Wing will be with you again, - says White tiger.
- Why should I shut my ears? May I learn theses special magic words? - asks the cat.
- No, you can't. If you hear these words you will be deaf and unable to speak forever? Do you want to be deaf?
- Oh, no! - says Mister Green and he puts his paws on his ears.

Chapter 24 | Green Wing is alive
The cat is sitting with his paws on his ears, the tiger is whispering secret magic words.

The tiger says:
- Mister Green open your eyes.

Mister Green opens his eyes and what does he see? He sees his dear friend, Green Wing.
- Hello, hello, hello, my darling Green Wing! - yells the cat, - I'm so happy to see you.
- Hello my kitty, hello my cucu, hello my green love! I missed you so much! May I kiss you? - says Green Wing.
- Yes, you may kiss me,-
says the cat, - but be careful.
- Careful? Why? - Green Wing is surprised.
- Don't swallow me, - says the cat.
- Oh, don't worry, I don't eat cats, - says the butterfly laughing, and she kisses the cat on the nose, on the cheeks, on the chin, on the eyes, on the ears and on the forehead.

- It's so good, that I'm alive again. - says the butterfly. - But how did you save me?
- I didn't. The president saved you. - says Mister Green.
- Donald Trump?????
- No! Not him! The president of Magic Forest, the white tiger, Mister White. - says the cat.
- Oh, I heard about him, he is a great magician. But I never saw him. Is he beautiful? - asks the butterfly.
- Yes, he is very beautiful and very kind and very strong.
- But I think he is not so beautiful, - says the butterfly. - Do you know why? Because green cats are the most beautiful cats in the world. And he is not green.

Chapter 25 | Tell me about your ghost
The cat is very happy. The butterfly is very happy. They have a big breakfast. The cat eats cucumbers and apples and drinks green tea with a lime. The butterfly eats strawberry leaves and drinks lime juice.

When they finish their breakfast, Mister Green asks Green Wing:
- Greeny, tell me one thing please.
- Ok.
- Do you have a soul?
- Of course, I do, everybody has a soul. - answers Green Wing.
- But how about your ghost. Your ghost said she was your soul and in the dragon's stomach there was only your body. You have two souls?- asks the cat.
- No. I have one soul, - says the butterfly. - I think, our souls are very big, and when bad things happen, one small part of our soul becomes a ghost and then flies away.
- And where do they fly? - asks the cat.
- They fly to Ghost Forrest, everybody knows this, - says Green Wing.
- Mmmm, - says the cat, - but I know nothing about it.
- Because you were born not here, but now you know.

The cat is silent, he is thinking.

- What are you thinking about? - asks Green Wing.
- I'm thinking about Ghost Forest. I'd like to visit it. Have you ever been there? - asks Mister Green.
- No! No! No! I've never been there and I don't want to be there. It's a very dangerous place. Never go there. You can be lost forever. You will be sad forever. Don't ask me about this forest! Forget about it! - the butterfly is frightened.
- Ok, ok, relax. I already forgot about it. Let's visit our friends, the rat and the dragon, - says the cat.
- Good, but no dragon's kisses anymore!

Chapter 26 | Yellow friends
Mister Green and Green Wing are near the door. They want to visit there yellow friends. But suddenly they hear:

- Knock, knock, knock.
Somebody knocks at the door.

- Who is there?- asks the cat.
- It's us, Elliot and Elly, may we come in?
- Come in!

The cat opens the door and he sees his old friend Yellow Rat and his new friend Yellow Dragon.

- Hello Mister Green, hello Green Wing, - say the rat and the dragon.- We are so happy to see you again! And we brought you a lot of presents.

And they have 10 big green boxes behind them.

Chapter 27 | 10 Green boxes
10 green boxes are very big.

- What is in them? - asks Green Wing.
- Presents for you, for Mister Green and for Green Wing, - dragon says.
- Let's open them, - says the cat and he start to tear green paper off the first box.

There are 10 kilos of fresh cucumbers in the first box.
There are 15 kilos of grilles frogs in the second box.
There are 11 kilos of green apples in the third box.
There are 20 bottles of green lemonade in the forth box.
There are 9 kilos of tasty green strawberries in the fifth box, especially for Green Wing.
There is a huge green water-melon in the sixth box.
There are three green melons in the seventh box.
There are 17 kilos of green chocolate in the eighth box.
There is a big avocado in the ninth box.

And there is 1 green dollar in the tenth box.

- Oh, how nice present we brought, thanks you very much! - say the cat and the butterfly.
- Let's have a party! - says the rat.
- Good idea! Super! Great!

But the Dragon is sad.
- Why are you sad, Eliot? - asks Green Wing.
- Green Wing, I can't have a party until you forgive me. I almost killed you, I am so so so sorry. - says the dragon.
- It's ok, I'm alive, I forgive you, - says the butterfly.
- I want to sing a song for you and after that we will have a party, agree?

Chapter 28 | A song
And the dragon starts to sing a song!

I love you,
I love you,
I love you,
My butterfly.

I'm sorry,
I'm sorry,
I'm sorry,
My butterfly.

Forgive me,
Forgive me,
Forgive me,
My butterfly.

I'm happy,
I'm happy,
I'm happy, 
My butterfly.

You're here,
You're here,
You're here
My butterfly.

- Oh, what a wonderful song, - says the butterfly.
- Thank you, Eliot, - says the cat, - It's a very nice song.
- Let's start the party! - yells the rat.

Chapter 29 | Green party
And they start their party.

- It will be a green party! Because our friends are green, everybody will have green clothes and everybody will eat green food! - says the dragon.

The cat puts on a green tie.
The butterfly puts on a small green hat.
The rat puts on a green suit and green glasses.
The dragon puts on a green jacket, green shoes and green wig.

- Wow! We look wonderful! We are green party of the forest.
- Let's start eating!

They start eating but somebody knocks at the window.

- Who is there?- the cat asks and opens the window.

A big green bird flies into the room.

- Who are you?- everybody yells.
- I'm your friend, Orange Bird.- says the bird.
- But you are not orange, you are green! - says the rat.
- Qwerty-Merty-Berty, I want everybody to be orange, - says the bird and everybody turns into orange animals and one orange insect and one orange bird.

-Oh, no! - yells the cat - I don't want to be orange! Qwerty-Merty-Berty, I want everybody to be green!

And everybody is green again.

- We have green party, not orange, - says the butterfly and eats a big green sweet strawberry. Let's eat and dance!

Chapter 30 | The final
Our four friends, Mister Green, Green Wing, Elly and Eliot, are having a green party.

You know that Elly and Eliot are yellow animals, but they have green costumes.

Orange Bird is at the party too. But she is not orange now, she is green. In Magic Forest everybody can change the colour of their skin, fur or feathers with magic words.

Every hour new animals come to this green party: bears, hears, wolves, zebras, snakes, cows, horses, giraffes, lions, crocodiles and others. Some of them change their colour for green colour, some of them have green costumes.

There are also a lot of insects at this party: bees, butterflies, dragon-flies, lady-birds, crickets, grass-hoppers, helicopters, ants. All of them are green. All of them come to Mister Green's house with green food and with presents.

At night the president of Magic Forest comes, this is the white tiger, Mister White. But now he has green glasses, green vest and green boots. He brings one thousand bottles of green grass champagne. And Mister White says:

- We are very glad that Mister Green and Yellow Rat came to our forest. They are very good animals, they are very good friends. Since this day we will have a new holiday in our forest, it will be a big green party like today, we will call this day Mister Green's day. And we will celebrate this holiday every year on the 24th of September. Raise up your glasses, my friends. Let's drink to Mister Green!

- To Mister Green!
- To Mister Green!
- To Mister Green!

This this the end of our first book about Mister Green.