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Mr. Green -

Invisible heroes

Chapter 1 | About me


My name is Greeny. I am a cat. But I am not a usual  cat, I am a green cat.

I have a big family and all cats in my family are black or white. Only I am green. Why? I don't know.

I eat only green food. I just can't eat food of other colours, when I eat something red or yellow or grey I feel sick.

That's why I eat only green food. I feel very good when I eat green food.

I have a friend, it's a mouse, his name is Mickey. Are you surprised? I don't eat mice, because they are not green.

My best friend is not a usual mouse. Not because he is green or pink or orange. He is grey like many mice in the world. Why is he unusual?

He can be INVISIBLE.

Chapter 2 | My invisible friend
How did my friend become invisible? I will tell you now.

Once we were fishing. I wanted to catch green fish because I eat only green food, I can't eat white or red fish.

Mickey wanted to catch a golden fish, not because he eats only golden food, no! He wanted to be invisible. And if you want to be invisible you need to eat a golden fish.

Mickey caught a golden fish. But he didn't eat her. He began to talk to her. And then something strange happened, the golden fish ate the mouse.

I thought I lost my friend forever. I was very sad. But one day Mickey came back and he told me what happened to him.

The golden fish brought Mickey in her mouth to her father, her father was a great king, everybody called him Sir Gold.

Sir Gold was very happy that his daughter came back, he was very worried that somebody would eat her.

- This mouse wanted to eat me, - said the golden fish, - but not because he is a bad mouse, he just wanted to be invisible.

Chapter 3 | Sir Gold wants to eat Mickey
When Sir Gold heard that this mouse wanted to eat his beloved daughter, he got very angry and he yelled:
- I will eat this mouse now!!!

- No, no, no! - the golden fish said, - Don't eat him. I know he is a good mouse. And he didn't eat me. I am here, alive. Father, my dear Sir Gold, I love you very much and I ask you to help this little mouse. All he wants is to be invisible. Please help him to be invisible.

- To be invisible is a great gift, - said Sir Gold, - only very good animals can have this gift. Are you a good animal? - asked Sir Gold.
- I think I am, Sir, - answered Mickey.
- Have you ever told bad words to your parents?
- No, never.
- Have you ever stolen something?
- No, never.
- Have you ever killed somebody?
- No. never.
- Good. I think you are a good animal. You can have the gift of invisibility. But you need to promise that you will never lie, will never steal anything and you will help everybody who will need help. Promise? - asked Sir Gold.
- Yes, sir, I promise, - said Mickey. - I will never lie. I will never steal anything and I will help everybody who will need help. - said Mickey.

Chapter 4 | The last question
Sir Gold looked at Mickey and he asked:
- I have the last question for you, but you need to be absolutely honest. Are you ready to answer this question?
- Yes, I am. I am ready to answer, - says Mickey.

- Good. My question is: Why do you want to be invisible? Usually people and animals use the gift of invisibility to do bad things: to steal, to kill, to break something, to take something, to cheat, to eat, to rob, to mob, to spy, to sly. So WHY do you want to be invisible? Be honest. If you lie to me now you will vanish and nobody will see you again, you will be nothing.

- Oh, Sir Gold, I am not a bad guy, I am only a small animal, and it's not so easy to be a small animal. Everybody can kill me. And I don't want to die. I want to live. I want to live a long life. I want to live a happy life, And I thought if I am invisible, nobody will kill me so soon. I am always afraid but I am tired of being afraid. That's all.

- Are you honest to me?
- I am 100 per sent honest.
- Ok, - said Sir Gold, - come to me I will tell you a magic word how to become invisible and how to become visible again.

Mickey came up to Sir Gold and the king said two magic words to Mickey. Then the king Sir Gold added:
- There is the last condition to be invisible. Every day you need to help one person or one animal. If you don't do this, in a month you will be an ordinary mouse like you were before. Understood?
- Understood, Sir. Thank you, Sir. Good bye, Sir. - said Mickey.
- Good bye, my little friend, - said the king.

In a second Mickey was at the river bank, but he didn't see his friend Greeny and he went to Greeny's house.

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