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Mr. Green -

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Mr. Green -

Chapter 1 | About Mister Green
This is a cat. His name is Mister Green. And he is green. Why?

Because he eats only frogs and cucumbers. He drinks green tea. And he sleeps on green grass. He has green eyes. He has a green nose. He has green teeth. He has green fur.

His friends always say to him:  'Mr. Green, you are not a cat, you are a green furry cucumber.'


Chapter 2 | Mr. Green's family
Mr. Green has a family. His family is big. He has a mother and a father. He has five sisters and seven brothers.

His father's name is John. He is black. He is nine years old. He is very big.

His mother's name is Sara. She is white. She is six years old. She is very beautiful.

All his brothers are black. They are all three years old. Their names are Blackie One, Blackie Two, Blackie Three, Blackie Four, Blackie Five, Blackie Six, Blackie Seven.

All his sisters are white. They are all two years old. Their names are Whity One, Whity Two, Whity Three, Whity Four, Whity Five.

All cats in his family are white and black. Only Mr. Green is green


Chapter 3 | Mr. Green's house
Mr. Green lives in a big house. And he has a big garden around his house.

Mr. Green's house is white and green. There are four rooms in his house. There are two bedrooms, one study and a movie-theatre. Of course, there is a big kitchen in his house.

Mr. Green sleeps in the big bedroom on a green sofa. He has a very big and very soft sofa. He sleeps 16 hours a day.

When he wakes up, he goes to the kitchen. He drinks apple juice and eats eleven apples. Then he goes to the garden. He wants to have fresh cucumbers for his second breakfast. Mr. Green grows a lot of cucumbers.


Chapter 4 | Yellow Rat
Mr. Green has a friend. It's a yellow Rat.

- Why are you yellow, Rat?
- Because I like to eat bananas.
- What do you drink?
- I drink lemon juice.
- Where do you live?
- I live in a yellow house.
- Who is your friend?
- My friend Is Mister Cucumber?
- Is he a real cucumber?
- No, he is a cat.
- Why do you call him Mister Cucumber?
- Because he likes to eat cucumbers and he is green.

Chapter 5 | Picnic
Yellow Rat comes to Mr. Green.

- Hello Rat. How are you?
- Hi Cat. I'm fine, thanks. And how are you?
- I am fine, too, thank you very much.
- Cat, let's have a picnic on the roof.
- On the roof? It's a great idea! Let's do it.
- I will bring yellow food: bananas, lemons, cheese, yellow apples, - says the rat.
- I don't eat yellow food, - says the cat, - I eat only green food. Do you have green food?
- No, I don't have green food, I eat only yellow food, - says the rat.
- Ok, I will take cucumbers, green tomatoes, five grilled frogs and one avocado.
- Do you have a carpet on your roof? - the rat asks.
- No, I don't, but I can take a green towel, - says the cat.
- Green towel is for you. I need a yellow towel. I will go home and I will bring my yellow towel. I'll see you on the roof.

Chapter 6 | Orange Bird
Mr. Green and Yellow Rat are sitting on the roof.
Mr. Green eats his cucumbers, grilled frogs and drinks green tea.
Yellow Rat eats bananas, lemons, cheese and drinks lemon juice with honey.
They are talking about music, sports, politics and friendship.
Suddenly they see an orange bird, very big bird.
She flies up to them and says:
- Hello, my name is Orange Bird. What are your names? I am very hungry. Can you give me some food, please?
Mr. Green says:
- Hello. My name is Mister Green. Nice to meet you. I'm sorry, I have no food for you.
Yellow Rat says:
- Hello. My name is Yellow Rat. Nice to meet you too. I am very sorry too, but I have no food for you.
Orange bird is very surprised and she says:
- But you have a lot of food!
Mr. Green and Yellow Rat yell together:
- But you are orange!
- And what?- asks Orange Bird.
- If you are orange, you need to eat only orange food.
- I like orange food very much, but when I'm hungry, I eat everything.
Mr. Green gives the bird three grilled frogs and Yellow Rat gives the bird seven bananas.
- Thank you vey much, my new friends, - says the bird and starts eating.
- Where are you from? - ask the cat and the rat.
- I am from the Magic Forest.
Chapter 7 | Magic Forrest
Mister Green and Yellow Rat are very surprised. They want to know about Magic Forest.

They ask a lot of questions:
- Who lives in Magic Forest?
- Is it big?
- Are there cats in this forest?
- Are there rats in this forest?
- Is there a lot of green food?
- Is there a lot of yellow food?
- Is Magic Forest green or yellow?
- Can we go to the Magic Forest?

Orange Bird answers:
- Magic Forrest is very big. Many animals live there. Cats, rats, bats, horses, cows, elephants, crocodiles, parrots and other animals live in Magic Forest. There is a lot of food there. You can find green cucumbers and yellow cucumbers. You can find green bananas and yellow bananas in Magic Forest. You can find yellow frogs and green cheese there. Magic Forrest is a magical place.

Mister green says:
- I want to go to Magic Forrest.
Yellow Rat says:
- I want to go to Magic Forest, too. Take us to this forest.

Orange Bird answers:
- I can take you to Magic Forest, but it is not easy to go inside. You need to have a special passport to go inside. I have it, you don't. But if you pass three exams you will get your passports and you will go inside.

Chapter 8 | Test 1
- I'm not afraid of tests. I am very smart, - says Mister Green.
- I'm very afraid of tests, but I really want to go to a Magic Forest, - says Yellow Rat.

And they go to the Magic Forest. They go there 5 days. They are very tired and very hungry.

When they come, they see a Pink Elephant. He says:
- Do you have passports?
- No.
- Go home if you have no passports.
- But we are ready to pass the test.
- Ok then. Test N1 is very difficult. You need to eat 100 kilos of food. Every one must eat 100 kilos of food. You can see these green potato (100 kilos) and yellow strawberry (100 kilos). One, two, three, start!

And the cat and the rat eat everything in 2 minutes.

Why do they eat everything so fast? Can you give me two reasons ( )?