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Mr. Green -

Mr. Green's childhood

Chapter 1 | About Mister Green
This is a cat.

His name is Mister Green.

Why does he have this name?
Because he is green. Not white, not black, not red, not brown. GREEN!

When he was a small kitten, he was not green, he was black.

Why he is green now?

Read our story and you will know.


Chapter 2 | Mr. Green's family
Mr. Green has a family. His family is big. He has a mother and a father. He has five sisters and seven brothers.

His father's name is John. He is black. He is nine years old. He is very big.

His mother's name is Sara. She is white. She is six years old. She is very beautiful.

All his brothers are black. They are all three years old. Their names are Blackie One, Blackie Two, Blackie Three, Blackie Four, Blackie Five, Blackie Six, Blackie Seven.

All his sisters are white. They are all two years old. Their names are Whity One, Whity Two, Whity Three, Whity Four, Whity Five.

All cats in his family are white and black. Only Mr. Green is green.

But when he was small he was black like his father and his brothers. And his name was Blackie Eight.

Chapter 3 | Blackie Eight doesn't want to eat.
Blackie Eight was very nice kitten, but he had a problem, he didn't want to eat.

His mother told him:
- Eat meat, eat fish, eat potato, eat porridge, eat sausage, eat ham, eat bread, eat cheese...

And she gave him meat, fish, potato, porridge, sausage, ham, bread, cheese...

Kitten Blackie Eight said:
- No, no, no, no, I don't want to eat meat, I don't want to eat fish, I don't want to eat potato, I don't want to eat sausage, I don't want to eat ham, I don't want to eat bread, I don't want to eat cheese.

Mother Sara asked him:
- What do you want to eat, sonny?

Blackie Eight answered:
- I don't know.

And day by day Blackie was thinner and thinner and thinner...

Chapter 4 | Old grandfather saves his grandson
Mother Sara doesn't know what to do.

Her kitty is losing weight. He can die. Sara goes to a doctor. The doctor says:
- I don't know what to do. Maybe he will die.

Sara cries. She doesn't want her son to die.

She calls her mother:
- Help me, my son doesn't want to eat.
Her mother answers:
I can't help you. I don't know what to do.

Sara calls her sister:
- Help me, my son doesn't want to eat.
Her sister answers:
I can't help you. I don't know what to do.

Sara calls her brother:
- Help me, my son doesn't want to eat.
Her brother answers:
I can't help you. I don't know what to do.

Sara calls her father sister:
- Help me, my son doesn't want to eat.
Her farther answers:
I can help you. I know what to do. Come to me with my grandson right now! He will not die!

Sara is really happy. She takes Blackie Eight and runs to her father. When she is there, the grandfather looks at his grandson. And he says:
- You see, he is not absolutely black, he is a bit greenish.
- Maybe it's because he hasn't eaten for two weeks? - asks Sara.
- No, it's because he is special and he needs special food, - says the grandfather.
- What food does he need?
- He needs green food!

Chapter 5 | Green tea and cucumbers
So this kitten needs green food.

- But I don't have any green food, - says mother Sara, - all my kittens eat meat, fish and they drink water and milk. Nobody eats or drinks something green. Father, do you have some green food?

- Yes, I do. Let's start with green tea.

Grandpa brings a small cup of green tea. The kitten drinks the green tea and then he says: Meow!

- He wants more! - the grandfather says and he gives him a huge cup of green tea.

The kitten drinks the green tea and again he says: Meow! Meow!

- He wants some food! - his mother says.
- I will give him a cucumber, - the grandpa says.
- Are you crazy? Cats never eat cucumber! - the mother yells.
- I do. I eat cucumbers. I love cucumbers. - the grandpa says.- And he will love cucumbers. Let's see and check.

And they give the kitten three cucumbers, the kitten eats them all, he smiles  and falls asleep.

Chapter 6 | Everybody is happy
The mother Sara is very happy, her kitten drinks and eats.

- Will he be all right? - she asks her father.
- Yes, he will. Don't worry. He will be well. Go home and come next week. - says the grandfather.
- Next week!!! No! I will come tomorrow! I need to see my child every day. - says Sara.

And she goes home to her husband and other kittens. But every day in the morning she come to her father to visit Blackie Eight.

Blackie Eight feels better and better every day. He drinks green tea, green coffee and green apple juice. And he eats cucumbers, green apples, limes and frogs.

Sara is happy. Grandpa is happy. Blackie Eight is happy. All the family is happy.

Chapter 7 | Crazy kitten
Once Sara, the mother, tells Blackie:
- Blackie Eight, maybe you will come back home to your brothers and sisters, to your father and me?
- No, mother, I'm sorry, I don't want to come back home. I want to stay with my grandpa.
- But we miss you, your brothers and sisters want to see you, to play with you.
- Ok then, I will visit you. But can I come back to grandpa after the visit? - asks Blackie Eight.
- Of course you can.

And Blackie Eight and Mom Sara go home. Everybody is so glad to see Blackie Eight. The kittens run, jump, play football, dance and sing. The father John watches them and he smiles.

- A lunch time, - Sara says, - It's time to eat.

Everybody goes to the kitchen. There are meat, fish, bacon, ham, sausages, cheese, milk, cream, sour cream and ice-cream on the table. (But there is nothing green.)

Blackie Eight eats ham and drinks milk and suddenly he feels so bad! He yells:
- I am dying!

And he runs out of the house to the yard. There is a lot of green grass in the yard. The Blackie Eight jumps onto the grass, he eats and eats and eats this grass. Then he falls on the ground and he says:
- Oh, now I am ok.

Little Whity Four, the sister, looks at his brother when he's eating grass and then she looks at her mother and asks:
- Mom, is Blackie Eight crazy?

Chapter 8 | A green tail
Sara is very sad. She forgot about green food for Blackie Eight. She is a bad mother! How could she forget?

She looks at her daughter, Whity Four, and she says:
- No, your brother is not crazy. He is just different.

Then mom comes up to Blackie Eight and she says:
- Forgive me, my darling, I forgot about green food. We have no green food in our house. I am so sorry.
- It's ok, mom. Relax. You have no green food but you have this grass in the yard. It's fantastic! This grass is very-very-very tasty! Thank you very much! Can I come to you to eat this grass please?
- Of course! Come to us every day! We will be happy to see you. And I promise, I'll get some green food for you.
- I love you, mom! You are the best mom in the world! - says Blackie Eight.
- I love you too, sonny. Now it's time to come back to grandpa. Say good-bye to everybody. - says Sara.

Blackie Eight says good-bye to his brothers and sisters and to his father. And he and Sara go to grandpa.

When they come, grandpa is very happy and very excited:
- I'm so glad to you, my daughter and my grandson!

Then he looks at Blackie and he is very surprised:
- Sara, look! Look at the tail of Blackie! It's not black anymore. It's green! It's a miracle!

Yes. The Blackie's tail became green. It's fantastic!

Chapter 9 | A new name
Blackie Eight is living with his grandpa. They are very happy together. Grandpa has a big garden near his house. There are a lot of fruits and vegetables in his garden.

Grandpa eat everything, he eats normal cat food, he eats melons, potato, carrots, strawberry, garlic. But Blackie eats only green food. He can't eat another food. When he eats some red or white or yellow food he feels really bad.

- I don't like feeling bad. I want to feel good. It means I must eat only green food. And I will eat only green food. - says the kitten.

And every Monday and every Friday Blackie visits his mother, father, sisters and brothers.

And every week Blackie Eight becomes more and more green. His tail is green, his years are green, his paws are green. Only his back, his stomach and his muzzle are black.

Once the father says to Blackie Eight in front of the family:
- Blackie Eight, we are very proud of you, you are a very unique kitten, you are the only one on our planet. There are no green cats on this planet, only you. You are special. I think we will call you not Blackie, because you are not so black now, we will call you Greeny. What do you think of this, my son?
- Oh, it's a wonderful name! I love it very much! Thank you father! I want to be Greeny! I am Greeny! - says Greeny and smiles.

And everybody sees his green teeth.

Chapter 10 | Mice
One day Grandpa says to Greeny:
- Let's catch mice!
- Why?
- We can eat them.
- Are they green?
- No... They are grey, not green... Ok, I will eat them and you can play with them. Deal? - says Grandpa.
- Deal! - says Greeny.

And they go to the field to catch mice.

- What do they look like, these animals? - asks Greeny.
- They are small, grey, with long little muzzles and small black eyes. They have short paws and long tails.
- They must be pretty, - says Greeny. - Oh, I see one!

Chapter 11 | Magical mouse bread
And Greeny jumps and catches the little mouse.
- Oh, this mouse is so beautiful. What's your name? - asks the kitten.
- My name is Mickey. Don't eat me, kitty, I'll dance for you, - says the mouse and starts dancing.
- Grandpa, look, he is dancing! - yells Greeny to his grandfather.
- Give it to me! I'll eat him! I am very hungry! - says the grandfather.

- No! - says the kitten.
- No! - says the mouse, - Don't eat me, I'll bring you our special magical bread, you will never be ill and you will live 1000 years.
- Oh, - says Grandpa, - I want this bread.
- But you need to promise that you will never eat mice anymore, never ever! - says Mickey.
- I promise! I will never eat a single mouse! Never ever! - says the old cat.

Mickey whistles and at this moment three other mice run up to him.
- My brothers, - says Mickey, - bring these cats our magical bread.
- Ok, - they say and run away.

Chapter 12 | A new friend

In a minute they are here again with a loaf of wonderful fresh bread. They give this bread to Mickey.

Mickey give this bread to the cats and says:
- Eat this magical bread please, it's very tasty.

Grandpa takes this bread and starts eating it!
- Oh, it's so tasty, so delicious! It's the best bread I've ever had! It's fantastic!- and he is eating and eating and eating.

Mickey looks at Greeny and he asks:
- Why don't you eat our bread?
- I can't eat this bread, it's not green, it's grey, but I can eat only green food, - says the kitten.
- Oh, it's very nice news. It means you will never eat mice. - says Mickey.
- Are there green mice?- asks Greeny.
- I've never heard about green mice, I don't know, - says the mouse.
- It's good! You, mice, are so cute! I don't want to eat mice. Never ever. If even green mice exist I'll never eat them, I promise! - Says Greeny.

- You are so good kitten! - says Mickey, - Let's be friends!
- I agree! I want to have a friend! I will be your friend! - says the kitten.
- What is your name, my new friend? - asks the mouse.
- My name is Greeny. - says Greeny.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.

Chapter 13 | Let's play football

Greeny has a new friend Mickey.

- Mickey, what do you like to do?- asks Greeny his new friend.
- I like sleeping, I like eating, I like playing football.
- Oh, you are a footballer. I like football too. Let's play together! - says Greeny.
- Ok, I agree, I will bring my ball, - says Mickey and runs away.

In 19 seconds Mickey comes back with a very small ball.
- I am ready to play football. Let's get started!

Greeny looks at this beautiful pink ball with two blue stripes and he realizes that this ball is too small.
- This ball is like my nose, how can I play with so small ball? I'll bring my ball. - Greeny says and runs away.

He comes back in 28 seconds with a green ball with three yellow stripes.
- This is a good ball for playing football. Let's get started.

Now Mickey looks at this green ball and he says:
- This ball is too big for me, it's like a big rat, this ball will kill me. I can't plat football with this very big ball.

And nobody plays football today...

Chapter 14 | Tell me about yourself
- Ok, we can't play football, but we cat talk, - says Greeny, - tell me about your family please.

- Ok, - says Mickey, - I'll tell you about my family.
'My family is very big. I have mother and father. I have 345 sisters and 217 brothers. I have 65 uncles and 88 aunts. I have 9239 cousins. I have 24 grandfathers and 31 grandmothers. We live in the big hole in the ground. There are 11765 rooms there. There are many bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, studies, playrooms, dining rooms and huge living room. We are a very friendly family. We love each other very much. We help each other. Do you want to know all our names?'- asks Mickey.


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