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Mr. Green -

Mr. Green's childhood

Chapter 1 | About Mister Green
This is a cat.

His name is Mister Green.

Why does he have this name?
Because he is green. Not white, not black, not red, not brown. GREEN!

When he was a small kitten, he was not green, he was black.

Why he is green now?

Read our story and you will know.


Chapter 2 | Mr. Green's family
Mr. Green has a family. His family is big. He has a mother and a father. He has five sisters and seven brothers.

His father's name is John. He is black. He is nine years old. He is very big.

His mother's name is Sara. She is white. She is six years old. She is very beautiful.

All his brothers are black. They are all three years old. Their names are Blackie One, Blackie Two, Blackie Three, Blackie Four, Blackie Five, Blackie Six, Blackie Seven.

All his sisters are white. They are all two years old. Their names are Whity One, Whity Two, Whity Three, Whity Four, Whity Five.

All cats in his family are white and black. Only Mr. Green is green.

But when he was small he was black like his father and his brothers. And his name was Blackie Eight.

Chapter 3 | Blackie Eight doesn't want to eat.
Blackie Eight was very nice kitten, but he had a problem, he didn't want to eat.

His mother told him:
- Eat meat, eat fish, eat potato, eat porridge, eat sausage, eat ham, eat bread, eat cheese...

And she gave him meat, fish, potato, porridge, sausage, ham, bread, cheese...

Kitten Blackie Eight said:
- No, no, no, no, I don't want to eat meat, I don't want to eat fish, I don't want to eat potato, I don't want to eat sausage, I don't want to eat ham, I don't want to eat bread, I don't want to eat cheese.

Mother Sara asked him:
- What do you want to eat, sonny?

Blackie Eight answered:
- I don't know.

And day by day Blackie was thinner and thinner and thinner...

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