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Mr. Green -

Chapter 7 | Magic Forrest
Mister Green and Yellow Rat are very surprised. They want to know about Magic Forest.

They ask a lot of questions:
- Who lives in Magic Forest?
- Is it big?
- Are there cats in this forest?
- Are there rats in this forest?
- Is there a lot of green food?
- Is there a lot of yellow food?
- Is Magic Forest green or yellow?
- Can we go to the Magic Forest?

Orange Bird answers:
- Magic Forrest is very big. Many animals live there. Cats, rats, bats, horses, cows, elephants, crocodiles, parrots and other animals live in Magic Forest. There is a lot of food there. You can find green cucumbers and yellow cucumbers. You can find green bananas and yellow bananas in Magic Forest. You can find yellow frogs and green cheese there. There is red food, pink food, violet food, purple food, white food and black food in this forest. There are white crocodiles, grey bears, red frogs and pink wolves there. Magic Forrest is a magical place.

Mister Green says:
- I want to go to Magic Forest.
Yellow Rat says:
- I want to go to Magic Forest, too. Take us to this forest.

Orange Bird answers:
- I can take you to Magic Forest, but it is not easy to go inside. You need to have a special passport to go inside. I have it, you don't. But if you pass three exams you will get your passports and you will go inside.

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