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Mr. Green -

Chapter 6 | Orange Bird
Mr. Green and Yellow Rat are sitting on the roof.
Mr. Green eats his cucumbers, grilled frogs and drinks green tea.
Yellow Rat eats bananas, lemons, cheese and drinks lemon juice with honey.
They are talking about music, sports, politics and friendship.
Suddenly they see an orange bird, very big bird.
She flies up to them and says:
- Hello, my name is Orange Bird. What are your names? I am very hungry. Can you give me some food, please?
Mr. Green says:
- Hello. My name is Mister Green. Nice to meet you. I'm sorry, I have no food for you.
Yellow Rat says:
- Hello. My name is Yellow Rat. Nice to meet you too. I am very sorry too, but I have no food for you.
Orange bird is very surprised and she says:
- But you have a lot of food!
Mr. Green and Yellow Rat yell together:
- But you are orange!
- And what?- asks Orange Bird.
- If you are orange, you need to eat only orange food.
- I like orange food very much, but when I'm hungry, I eat everything.
Mr. Green gives the bird three grilled frogs and Yellow Rat gives the bird seven bananas.
- Thank you very much, my new friends, - says the bird and starts eating.
- Where are you from? - ask the cat and the rat.
- I am from the Magic Forest.
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  1. Where are Mr. Green and Yellow Rat sitting?
  2. What does Mr. Green eat?
  3. What does Mr. Green drink?
  4. What does Yellow Rat eat?
  5. What does Yellow Rat drink?
  6. Do they talk about sport?
  7. Do they talk about fish?
  8. Do they talk about music?
  9. Do they talk about Terminator?
  10. Does Pink Elephant fly up to them?
  11. Does Orange Bird fly up to them?
  12. Is the bird happy?
  13. Is the bird angry?
  14. Is the bird hungry?
  15. Where is this bird from?
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