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Mr. Green -

Chapter 5 | Picnic
Yellow Rat comes to Mr. Green.

- Hello Rat. How are you?
- Hi Cat. I'm fine, thanks. And how are you?
- I am fine, too, thank you very much.
- Cat, let's have a picnic on the roof.
- On the roof? It's a great idea! Let's do it.
- I will bring yellow food: bananas, lemons, cheese, yellow apples, - says the rat.
- I don't eat yellow food, - says the cat, - I eat only green food. Do you have green food?
- No, I don't have green food, I eat only yellow food, - says the rat.
- Ok, I will take cucumbers, green tomatoes, five grilled frogs and one avocado.
- Do you have a carpet on your roof? - the rat asks.
- No, I don't, but I can take a green towel, - says the cat.
- Green towel is for you. I need a yellow towel. I will go home and I will bring my yellow towel. I'll see you on the roof.

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  1. Does Mister Green come to Yellow Rat?
  2. Does Yellow Rat come to Mister Green?
  3. Do they have a party?
  4. Do they have a fight?
  5. Do they have a picnic?
  6. Do they have a picnic in the forest?
  7. Do they have a picnic in the bathroom?
  8. Do they have a picnic on the roof?
  9. Where do they have a picnic?
  10. What food Mister green eat?
  11. What food Yellow Rat eat?
  12. Who eats bananas?
  13. Who eats cucumbers?
  14. Who eats lemons?
  15. Who eats avocado?
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