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Mr. Green -

Chapter 4 | Yellow Rat
Mr. Green has a friend. It's a yellow Rat.

- Why are you yellow, Rat?
- Because I like to eat bananas.
- What do you drink?
- I drink lemon juice.
- Where do you live?
- I live in a yellow house.
- Who is your friend?
- My friend Is Mister Cucumber?
- Is he a real cucumber?
- No, he is a cat.
- Why do you call him Mister Cucumber?
- Because he likes to eat cucumbers and he is green.

( )
  1. Does Mister Green have five friends?
  2. Does Mister Green has one friend?
  3. Is his friend a dog?
  4. Is his friend a bat?
  5. Is his friend a rat?
  6. Who is his friend?
  7. Is this a red rat?
  8. Is this a green rat?
  9. Is this a yellow rat?
  10. What does the rat eat?
  11. What does the rat drink?
  12. Is Rat's house pink?
  13. Is Rat's house grey?
  14. Is rat's house yellow?
  15. What color is Rat's house?
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