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Mr. Green -

Chapter 3 | Mr. Green's house
Mr. Green lives in a big house. And he has a big garden around his house.

Mr. Green's house is white and green. There are four rooms in his house. There are two bedrooms, one study and a movie-theatre. Of course, there is a big kitchen in his house.

Mr. Green sleeps in the big bedroom on a green sofa. He has a very big and very soft sofa. He sleeps 16 hours a day.

When he wakes up, he goes to the kitchen. He drinks apple juice and eats eleven apples. Then he goes to the garden. He wants to have fresh cucumbers for his second breakfast. Mr. Green grows a lot of cucumbers.

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  1. Does Mister Green live in a big house?
  2. What does he have around his house?
  3. Is Mister Green's house pink?
  4. What colour is Mr. Green's house?
  5. How many rooms are there in his house?
  6. Does he have ten bedrooms?
  7. Does he have a swimming pool in his house?
  8. Does he have a study?
  9. Does he have a movie-theater?
  10. Does he have a small or a big kitchen?
  11. Where does Mr. Green sleep?
  12. Does he sleep in the kitchen?
  13. Does he sleep in his bedroom?
  14. Does he have a sofa or a bed?
  15. What colour is his sofa?
  16. Is his sofa soft or hard?
  17. Does he sleep sixteen minutes a day?
  18. Where does he go when he wakes up?
  19. Does he drink tomato juice?
  20. Does he eat eleven cucumbers?
  21. Why does he go to the garden?
  22. Does he want to have fresh cucumbers or fresh frogs for his second breakfast?
  23. Does he have a lot of cucumbers in his garden?
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