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Mr. Green -

Chapter 2 | Mr. Green's family
Mr. Green has a family. His family is big. He has a mother and a father. He has five sisters and seven brothers.

His father's name is John. He is black. He is nine years old. He is very big.

His mother's name is Sara. She is white. She is six years old. She is very beautiful.

All his brothers are black. They are all three years old. Their names are Blackie One, Blackie Two, Blackie Three, Blackie Four, Blackie Five, Blackie Six, Blackie Seven.

All his sisters are white. They are all two years old. Their names are Whity One, Whity Two, Whity Three, Whity Four, Whity Five.

All cats in his family are white and black. Only Mr. Green is green

2 (-, )
  1. Does Mister Green have a family or does Mister Red have a family?
  2. Does Mr. Green have a small family or a big family?
  3. Does he have parents or grandparents?
  4. Does he have one sister or five sisters?
  5. Does he have ten brothers or seven brothers?
  6. Is his father's name Murzic or John?
  7. Is his mother's name Musya or Sara?
  8. Is his father red or black?
  9. Is his mother brown or white?
  10. Is his father three years old or nine years old?
  11. Is his mother six years old or fifty five years old?
  12. Is his father a big cat or a big dog?
  13. Is his mother very beautiful or very ugly?
  14. Are all his brothers black or white?
  15. Are all his sisters white or pink?
  16. Are his brothers three years old or four years old?
  17. Are his sisters two days old or two years old?
  18. Are all cat in his family white and black or yellow and brown?
  19. Is only one cat green or are all cats green?
  20. Is Mister Green green or blue?
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