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Mr. Green -

Chapter 1 | About Mister Green
This is a cat. His name is Mister Green. And he is green. Why?

Because he eats only frogs and cucumbers. He drinks green tea. And he sleeps on green grass. He has green eyes. He has a green nose. He has green teeth. He has green fur.

His friends always say to him:  'Mr. Green, you are not a cat, you are a green furry cucumber.'

1 ( 'Yes' or 'No')
  1. Is this a rat?
  2. Is this a cat?
  3. Is his name Mister Black?
  4. Is his name Mister Green?
  5. Is the cat yellow?
  6. Is the cat grey?
  7. Is the cat green?
  8. Does he eat meat?
  9. Does he eat cheese?
  10. Does he eat frogs?
  11. Does he eat lemons?
  12. Does he eat potato?
  13. Does he eat tomatoes?
  14. Does he eat cucumbers?
  15. Does the cat drink black tea?
  16. Does the cat drink green tea?
  17. Does he have yellow eyes?
  18. Does he have green eyes?
  19. Does he have green nose?
  20. Does he have green teeth?
  21. Does he have white fur?
  22. Does he have green fur?
  23. Do his friends call him funny furry lemon?
  24. Do his friends call him green furry frog?
  25. Do his friends call him green furry cucumber?
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