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Маленькие истории для детей на английском языке

19. A bug

This is a bug. He is very small. And he likes to watch movies. He likes movies so much that he decides to live in the cinema. Now he watches movies seven days a week. His favorite movies are Spiderman, Superman and Batman.

20. A fish

This is a fish. She is very small and very funny. She is pink and yellow. She is very beautiful. She lives in the ocean. Her name is Feefee. She likes to swim up and down. She likes to look at ships. She likes to look at people. She thinks 'People are so strange. They don't have tails. They don't have fins. They can't swim. But they are so beautiful!'

21. A wolf

This is a wolf. His name is Woody. He lives in the forest. He works in the forest. He works as a doctor. He helps animals when they are ill. He has a big box with medicine. His medicine is onion, garlic, honey, herbs, mushrooms, fish fat and fresh water. Everybody loves and respects the wolf. He is not dangerous. He is very kind and very clever.

22. A mouse

This is a mouse. His name is Max. He is very little and he lives in a small box in the kitchen. He has a small TV, a small fridge, a small bed, a small table, a small chair and many very small books in his box. Every day he does morning exercises, cooks, reads and works. He is a writer. He writes books for mice. But not only mice like his books. Everybody likes them. That's why mouse is not afraid to live in the kitchen in a small box. Nobody is going to hurt him.

23. A lynx

This is a lynx. Her name is Lily. She is a big wild cat with tufts of black hair on the tips of her ears. She lives in Canada. She likes snow very much. And she likes sports very much. And she likes winter sports. She likes skiing, skating, sled racing and freestyle skiing. But especially she loves hockey. She has her own team - her family. The lynx has six children and all of them play hockey. They are champions of Canada.


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