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Маленькие истории для детей на английском языке

13. A wasp

This is a wasp. She is very angry. She is very hungry. She bites and bites and bites. She bites people. She bites animals. She bites insects. Once one boy throws an ice-cream at the wasp. The wasp bites the ice-cream. And she likes it very much. Now she eats ice-cream every day. She doesn't bite anybody any more. She is very happy now.

14. A hare

This is a hare. His name is Henry. He is very shy. He has long ears and a short tail. He eats carrots and apples. He wants to be strong and brave. He goes to a doctor and asks him how to be brave. The doctor says 'You must eat one thousand kilos of garlic if you want to be brave'. The hare eats garlic, and after that he breaths like a dragon. Everybody is afraid of the hare Henry. Henry is not shy any more. He is strong and brave. And stinky.

15. A goose

This is a goose. His name is Goon. He likes to swim. He swims every day. He swims through pools, ponds, lakes, rivers, seas and oceans. He is a great swimmer. He swims to America, England, Australia, New Zealand and Madagascar. He is a champion. No one swims as much as Goon. Goon has a lot of friends who live in the water: fish, whales, dolphins, sharks and pikes. They all love and respect the goose Goon.

16. A duck

This is a duck. Her name is Doody. She is white and brown. She can swim and fly and cook. Doody likes to cook. She makes very tasty salads. Every evening all animals come to her to taste her tasty salads. 'Oh, Doody, you are the best cook in the world!'

17. An ant

This is an ant. His name is Andy. He is very small. But he wants to be big. Dogs are big. Cows are big. Horses are big. Elephants are big. Why are ants small? How to be big? The ant decides to eat a lot. He eats grass, he eats leaves, he eats mushrooms, he eats flowers, he eats bushes, he eats trees. He becomes very big. He becomes really huge. He is not a small ant any more. He is a huge ant. He is a monster.

18. A sheep

This is a sheep. Her name is Sonya. She lives in London. She knows the British Queen. The British Queen comes to the sheep every day. They are friends. They talk and walk in the yard. The sheep is very proud and very glad. Because she is not a simple sheep. She is an important person. She is a politician. She helps the British Queen to rule the country.

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