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Маленькие истории для детей на английском языке

7. A chick

This is a little chick. His name is Robinson. He is very brave. He likes to fight. He fights with cats, dogs, ducks and goats. 'When I'm grown up, I will be a president of our farm', he always says.

8. A monkey

This is a monkey. Her name is Bonatella. She loves bananas very much. She eats banana soup, banana salad, banana burgers, banana chips. She drinks banana juice, banana tea and banana lemonade. And Bonatella likes to sing Italian songs. 'A am an Italian monkey. My granny was an Italian movie star,' she says. Of course, it's not true.

9. A lion

This is a lion. His name is Leo. He is very big, but he is afraid of mice. When he sees a mouse he jumps on a very big tree and screams 'HELP!' His father, a big old lion, hears his son's cry and at once runs to save him. And the father says to the mouse 'Please, don't frighten my son. He is only a little boy'.

10. A hen

This is a hen. She has many chicks. They are her babies. She is a good mother. She teaches her children how to eat, how to drink, how to sleep, how to run, how to jump. And the hen doesn't like people. 'People are bad animals, they only kill good animals and eat them. When you grow, we will fly to another planet, where there are no people and no danger,' she says to her chicks.

11. A crocodile

This is a crocodile. His name is Vega. He is very kind. Once he decides that he doesn't want to eat meat. He wants to be a vegetarian. So he goes to the forest. He builds a house there. And now he lives in the forest. He eats only berries, pears, apples, grapes, carrots, beets, potatoes. He has a big garden. He has a lot of friends. 'My friends,' he says to the animals in the forest, 'You must help me in the garden. If you don't, I will eat you.' He is very very kind.

12. A bear

This is a bear. His name is Ben. He is brown and very big. He likes to go fishing. Every morning he goes fishing. He catches many fish. Then he goes to the market and sells the fish. The bear Ben is very rich. He has a big house, a big swimming pool, a big car. And he wants to buy a big ship. 'Fishing is a good business,' the bear Ben says and smiles.

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