Репетитор английского языка | Индивидуальные занятия по скайпу и в офисе

Маленькие истории для детей на английском языке

1. A bee

This is a bee. Her name is Rosa. She is very small. She has big eyes and big wings. She is yellow and black. She likes honey. She makes honey. She likes to work. She has a garden with hundreds of roses. She has yellow, red, pink, white and blue roses.

2. A dog

This is a dog. He is very big. He lives in France. He lives in a house. He eats chocolate. He drinks lemonade. He watches cartoons. His name is Bobo. He speaks French. He reads French books. He goes to the theatre every Friday. He knows many French actors. 'Who is your favourite actor, signor Bobo?' 'My favourite actor is Belmondo.'

3. A cat

This is a cat. His name is Mister Green. And he is green. Why? Because he eats only frogs and cucumbers. He drinks green tea. And he sleeps on green grass. He has green eyes. He has a green nose. He has green teeth. He has green fur. His friends always say to him:  'Mr. Green, you are not a cat, you are a green furry cucumber.'

4. A cow

This is a cow. Her name is Moo-Moo. She is white. She is smart. Every day she goes for a walk and eats green tasty grass. But at night she doesn't sleep. What does she do? She goes to disco. She dances. When does she sleep? NEVER!

5. A horse

This is a horse. Her name is Beauty. She is red. She is rich and famous. She lives in a big house. She has a bed, a table, a chair, a lot of paper and a lot of pencils in her house. She likes to draw. She draws only people. 'People are so beautiful', she thinks.

6. A fly

This is a fly. Her name is Zhoo-Zhoo. She is very big. She has big blue wings. She likes to travel. She travels to America, Europe and India every year. But she is afraid of flying by herself. How does she travel? She has her own airplane with a pilot. And she flies by airplane with her eyes shut.

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