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Маленькие истории для детей на английском языке


97. A swan

This is a swan. It is a big beautiful bird. She swims on a lake. Every day one boy comes to her and brings her food. He talks to the swan. But the swan doesn't like him. A short boy with big ears, funny nose, huge fists and silly smile. He is kind, but he is not a prince. 'I need a prince. I am a royal bird,' she thinks. And once another boy comes up to the lake. He is handsome, he has a beautiful face, normal ears, straight nose, expensive cloths. 'Just a guy for me,' thinks the swan and swims to him. But suddenly the handsome guy puts out his gun and wants to shoot the swan. 'A hunter! A hunter! He will kill me!' yells the swan. But the short boy is here, he runs up to the hunter and hits him on his head with his fist.' The hunter falls down. The swan is saved. The short boy is happy.



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