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Маленькие истории для детей на английском языке


93. A puma

This is a puma. Her name is Luna. She is an astronaut. And she flies in a spaceship to other planets. And she brings something special from each planet. And she is often shown on TV. 'Lady Puma Luna, tell us please about your star-trip,' asks a showman. 'Ok. I will tell you. Mercury is full of chocolate. Venus is full of beautiful happy women. Earth is our home, full of people and animals. Mars is full of guns and bombs. Jupiter is full of rocks and jewels. Saturn is full of rings and earrings. Uranus is full of ice and ice-cream. Neptune is full of cold water and fuzzy drinks. But my favourite place is the Moon. I want to build a house there and to live there with my family. I'm tired of space-travelling.'



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