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Маленькие истории для детей на английском языке


90. A lama

This is a lama. Her name is Dana. She is from Ghana. She works in a school. She is a teacher. She teaches math's. And she likes to count. She counts at school. She courts at home. She counts on holidays. When she eats, she always counts. 'How many beans do I have? One, two, three, ... forty-four, forty five. Good!' Then she wants to drink. 'How many gulps will I make?' She drinks and counts 'One, two, three, ... twenty eight, twenty nine. Good!' Lana Dana is very happy. She loves to count very much. But once she eats porridge. How to count porridge? She eats but then she thinks and thinks and thinks. She didn't count it. Is it good? No. Not good. She is very unhappy. She is very sad. She is very upset. She goes to bed and dies.



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