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Маленькие истории для детей на английском языке


89. A skunk

This is a skunk. His name is Dunk. He works for a bank. He works as a security guard. He goes to work every day. He goes around the halls. He likes his work, but sometimes it's so boring. Just to go, to watch, to eat, to drink, to look around. Boring! But when robbers come it's like a big funny party for Skunk Dunk. He knows what to do. He has a strong secret weapon. He sprays his secret gas everywhere. Everybody runs away from the bank: the robbers, the clerks, the clients, the boss. Only Skunk Dunk doesn't run away. 'I need to save the bank money. This is my job.' he says and smiles. After this gas attack the bank smells very much for a long time. 'Money doesn't smell,' people usually say. 'Are you sure? Ok. Money doesn't smell. Money stinks!'



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