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Маленькие истории для детей на английском языке


87. An anaconda

This is an anaconda. Her name is Zena. She lives in Brazil. Like all Brazilians she likes football. She likes to watch football and she likes to play football. She is a good player. She has no legs but she moves so fast. She hits a ball with her head or with her tail. Goal! Once people of Brazil say: 'We are proud of our anaconda Zena! She must play at the World Championship!' And Brazilian football team goes to the world Championship with Zena. But nobody wants to play with Brazilian team. Everybody is afraid of Zena. If you are afraid to play, you are a loser. All teams don't go play football with the Brazilians. All teams are losers, Brazilians are winners. 'We didn't play, but we won. We are World champions! Thank you Zena!'



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