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Маленькие истории для детей на английском языке


86. A lemur

This is a lemur. He lives on the island Madagascar. His name is Melon. He looks like a monkey but he has a very long, fluffy and beautiful tail.  And he likes melons so much! He eats melons. He drinks melon juice. He plays with melons. He talks to melons. He buys melons every day. Soon Madagascar is full of melons. There is no place for people, for animals, for trees. Only melons, melons, melons. Madagascar is a small island. It can't keep so many melons. So it cracks and goes under water. Lemur Melon cries: 'Melons, my melons! Help! Somebody! Anybody! Save my melons!' But nobody saves his melons. In an hour there are no melons, no Madagascar, no Lemur Melon. Only one big shark is swimming around, she smiles and says: 'Thank you Melon for sweet melons.'



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