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Маленькие истории для детей на английском языке


85. A dinosaur

This is a dinosaur. His name is Duncan. He is very big. He is very strong. He is very dangerous. He can kill a bear. He can kill a tiger. He can kill a shark. He can kill hundreds of bears, thousands of tigers and million of sharks. But he has a secret. He is afraid of one animal. Is it a big animal? No. Is it a scary animal? No. Is it an ugly animal? No. It is a nice and kind and small animal. It's a cat. When Dinosaur Duncan sees the cat, he shakes and shivers and trembles and he becomes smaller and smaller and smaller. And then he becomes as small as a mouse. Then the cat jumps onto Duncan and eats him. If you have a cat, don't be afraid of dinosaurs. Cats protect people and animals from dinosaurs. 



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