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Маленькие истории для детей на английском языке


82. A donkey

This is a donkey. His name is Don. He likes books. He has one million books. And every day you can see Donkey Don with a hundred books on his back. Everybody loves Donkey Don. Everybody respects Donkey Don. Everybody thinks Donkey Don is very clever. He has Russian books, English books, Spanish books, Italian books, French books, Chinese and Japanese books. 'Donkey Don, what is you favourite book?' asks his friend Monkey Mon.
'This one!' and Donkey Don shows a fat book, War and Pease, by Leo Tolstoy.
'Why do you like it?'
'Because it's big and heavy!'
'Have you read it?'
'No! Are you crazy?' laughs Donkey Don. 'I like books. I don't like reading!'

Honestly Donkey Don can't read. What a shame!



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