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Маленькие истории для детей на английском языке


80. A mammoth

This is a mammoth. He looks like an elephant but he has a lot of hair. He has hair on his back, on his legs, on his head and even on his trunk. His name is Harry. But he has so much hair than his friends call him Hairy Harry. Harry likes to dye his hair in different colours. Yesterday he was pink. Today he is yellow. Tomorrow he will be green. The day after tomorrow he will be orange. Once Hairy Harry thinks: 'What if I shave?' And he shaves himself. Next days he goes to his friends, but they say: 'Hey, who are you?' 'I'm the mammoth, I'm Hairy Harry, your friend.' 'You can't be Hairy Harry without hair. You are just an elephant. We don't like you. Go away!' Mammoth Harry is very unhappy, he asks himself: 'Harry, where is your hair?'



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