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77. A dove

This is a dove. He lives in Moscow. His name is David. He likes Moscow very much. There are a lot people here. There are a lot cars here. There are a lot of birds here. There is a lot of food here. Once a friend says to Dove David: 'Let's go to Thailand! They say there are plenty of huge cockroaches in Thailand. If you eat only one, you feel full and happy. You don't need to eat any more, you can lie in the sun and enjoy your holiday.' 'I need to think,' answers David. And he thinks: 'I love Moscow, it's my motherland. And I love cockroaches, they are tasty. What do I love more? Cockroaches or Moscow?' He thinks very hard: 'Moscow is home. Cockroaches are food. I can't live without food. But Moscow can live without me!' And he flies to Thailand!



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