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Маленькие истории для детей на английском языке


75. A moray

This is a moray. Her name is Manana. She lives in the Red sea in Egypt. She has many sharp teeth. She eats water plants and small fish. One day she sees something in the water. It's beautiful, big, colourful and shining. She wants to eat it. 'I think it's a new tasty plant, ' she says. She swims up to it and she bites it. But it's not a plant. It's a metal vase. It's made of very strong metal. When the moray bites it, she breaks all her teeth. 'Oh, poor me, how will I live without my teeth?' she cries. 'Don't worry, Manana,' says her friend Crab. 'I will bring you white bread from the nearest hotel. It's humans' food and it's very tasty! You will love it!'



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