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Маленькие истории для детей на английском языке


71. An ant-eater

This is an ant-eater. His name is Andy. And he eats ants. Ants don't like that Andy eats them. They come to Andy and say: "Andy. You are a good guy. But you kill us. You eat us. Why?' Andy answers: 'I am an ant-eater. It's my name. It's who I am. I must eat you. You are ants. I eat ants because I am an ant-eater.'

The very old ant says: 'Andy, you can change you name to aunt-eater, just add one more letter in your name. And you will save us.' 'But what will I eat?' asks ant-eater. 'Aunts, of course.' 'Are they tasty?' 'Very!' And Andy agrees and changes his name to aunt-eater. And now he eats... whom?

When did you see your aunt last time?



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