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69. A beaver

This is a beaver. His name is Richard. He lives in Scotland. He lives in a very big and a very old castle. All his relatives lived there. His parent lived there. His grandparents lived there. His great grandparents lived there, and so on. This castle is very old, very dark, very tall, very tight. It has 222 rooms, 33 kitchens, 44 toilets, 55 balconies, 99 doors and 111 windows.

A beaver lives here with his family. He has a brother, a sister, a wife, 15 children, 25 nephews and nieces and 50 grandchildren. And he has 1234 ghosts in his castle. Every night they wake up and begin to run, to jump, to play football, to sing songs, to play card. The beaver Richard is very angry and he yells: 'This is my castle now! I live here! Go away! Let me sleep! I want to sleep at night!' But ghosts cry in answer: 'We love you, Richard. Let us play a bit. Don't be angry! Play with us!' And they play football at night and sleep in the afternoon.



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