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Маленькие истории для детей на английском языке


68. A seal

This is a seal. He lives in the cold water of Arctic. He is very big. He is very fat. And he is very clever. He swims in the cold water. He walks on snow. He is very tired of cold. 'I want to go Africa! It's hot in Africa. I want to see a crocodile. I want to swim in the warm water. I want to eat bananas. I want to lie in the sun and sunbathe.' And he buys a plane ticket and flies to Africa.

It's really hot in Africa. The seal is very happy at the beginning. But in five minutes he yells: 'It's too hot! I am melting! I am dying! I don't need crocodiles! I don't need bananas! I don't need warm water! I want home!' And he jumps back into the airplane and flies home. 'Home is the best place even it is the coldest place in the world,' he sighs and smiles.



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