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62. A jaguar

This is a jaguar. He is a black cat. He lives in a jungle in Vietnam. He has black head, black body, black paws and black tail. But his hose, his eyes and his ears are silver. And his name is Sir Jaguar. At night when he walks his muzzle glows brightly. All people are afraid of the jaguar. All people don't go to the jungle anymore. They say: 'There was a dog of the Baskervilles in England, but we have a cat of the Baskervilles. A huge wild cat with a shining muzzle.'

But animals are not afraid of the jaguar, because he is very kind and he always helps animals to find what they have lost. 'Sir Jaguar, my children went to a nightclub and were lost. Help please. Sir Jaguar, my husband Big Bear went fishing and didn't come back. Help please. Sir Jaguar, I've lost my keys and can't find them, it's very dark now. Help please.' And Sir Jaguar walks through the forest like a big walking flash-light and he finds everything what have been lost.



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