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60. A falcon

This is a falcon. He likes to hunt. He is a great hunter. He flies very fast. He can turn on the right or on the left very fast. But once he thinks: 'It's not good to hunt and kill. I don't want to kill anymore. I want to be a nice and kind bird.' And he stops hunting. He makes a nest on a tree and decides to live in a peaceful way. He eats leaves from the tree, he drinks water from the rain, he sleeps, he reads books, he plays computer games, he watches TV.

One day he wants to fly to his old friend to the nearest forest, he jumps out of his nest and he falls down on the ground! BANG!!! He is very fat and his wings are not so strong now. 'What a shame!' says the falcon, 'I'm not a bird anymore, I am a pig! I don't want to be a pig! I want to be a hunter again!'

And the falcon starts his training, everyday he flies more and more, higher and higher, longer and longer, further and further. And soon he hunts again. 'Let a pig be a pig, but a hunter should hunt,' - he cries and flies high into the sky.



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