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Маленькие истории для детей на английском языке


56. A pike

This is a pike. His name is Pipe. He lives in the river. He likes to smoke a pipe. He is not just a smoker. He doesn't' smoke for fan. He smokes, because he thinks a lot. He is a detective. And he works for the river police.

A whale ate a school of fish. A dolphin found a bomb. A shark bit off somebody's tail. A cancer's house was destroyed. Some turtles were poisoned and died. Two families of barracudas were arguing and shooting from their guns. A mermaid decided to be a human.

'What a mess we have here under water. Many fish don't want to follow the law. I have so many things to investigate,' says the pike and put out the pipe off his mouse. 'Where is my gun, I'll start with barracudas, I'll show them who is the boss here.'



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