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Маленькие истории для детей на английском языке


54. A whale

This is a whale. It's a very big animal and he lives in the ocean. Some people think he is a big fish. 'No, I'm not a fish. I am an animal!' he says. 'But you live in the water like a fish, you have a fish tail, you have fish fins, you are a fish!' children yell to the whale from the shore. The whale is very angry. 'If I am a fish you will be fish too!' And the whale moves his tail very fast and all children are in the water. They yell to the whale "Help! Help! You can be an animal, you can be a bird, you can be a human being. Be whatever you want but save us please.'

The whale is not so bad. He saves the children and he asks 'Who am I?' And the children answer 'A big swimming animal with fins'.



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