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Маленькие истории для детей на английском языке


51. A weasel

This is a weasel. He lives in Canada. His name is Sell. And he likes to sell. He buys a cheap pen for $1, for example, and then he goes to a market, and he yells 'I have a pen which remembers Elvis Presley's hand!' Everybody rushes to the weasel. Everybody asks "How much? How much?' 'Only 2000 dollars' says Sell and sells the pen. Then he buys a cheap pillow for $3 and he goes to the market and he yells 'I have a pillow which remembers Merilyn Monroe's head!' 'How much?' 'Only 5000 dollars' And weasel Sell sells the pillow. Then he finds very old shoes and he goes to the market and he yells 'I have the shoes which almost forgot their master's feet. His name was someone Shakespeare.' People get crazy. 'How much?' they cry. 'Only 1 million dollars!' And Sell sells the shoes.

If you can sell you'll always live well.



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