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Маленькие истории для детей на английском языке


48. A sparrow

This is a sparrow. His name is Capitan. He is American. He lives in Los Angeles. He wants to be a movie star. But he is just a little bird, a small sparrow. Nobody sees him. Nobody listens to him. However he flies up to Spielberg, Cameron, Tarantino again and again and he cries: 'I am Sparrow Capitan! I want to be a movie star. Give me a chance!'

No answers. No results. Nobody pays attention. So Sparrow Capitan decides to fly to Johnny Depp. 'He must understand me.' And Sparrow flies and finds Johnny Depp and tells him his story. And (oh, heavens!) Johnny hears him! And he answers. 'Look, little bird. Nobody needs Sparrow Capitan, because we already have Capitan Sparrow. It's me. You are late a little bit. I'm so sorry.'


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