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Маленькие истории для детей на английском языке


46. A rabbit

This is a rabbit. His name is Robin. He lives in a forest near Mexico-city. Robin is a very unhappy rabbit. Robin likes to go the cinema, but there are no cinemas in the forest. He wants to read Stephen King's books, but there no bookstores in the forest. He wants to have dinner in McDonald's, but there are no McDonald's restaurants in the forest. He wants to buy an iphone, but there is no signal in the forest. He wants to drive a BMW, but there no good roads in the forest.

'My life is torture. Why was I born? I am so unhappy. I can't have what I want to have,' says Robin.

Robin's grandmother is very old and very wise, she says to him 'Robin, you should go to New York and you will have everything you want.' So Robin goes to New York in the USA. And, at last, he goes to the cinema, reads Stephen King's books, eats in McDonald's, buys an iphone, drives a BMW. Is he happy now? No! 'My forest was a so peaceful place to live. New York is crazy and noisy. I'm getting crazy too. I'm so unhappy. Life is not fair.'



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