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43. A sloth

This is a sloth. He lives in Africa. He is very old. He is 55 years old. His name is Sima. He is very lazy and very slow. He sleeps 22 hours a day. He eats very slowly. Sometimes he is so lazy to eat. 'I want to eat, but I don't want to open my mouth and to chew. I'd rather sleep.' And he sleeps again. He never washes or cleans himself. 'I am more beautiful when I'm dirty,' he says. And he sleeps again.

Because he is very dirty, his fur becomes a house for small insects. There are moths, beetles, bugs, caterpillars and mosquitoes in his fur. These insects like their home very much. But they are worried. 'Our sloth Sima is the best sloth in the whole Africa. He lets us live in his fur. But he is very old and very lazy and he doesn't eat much. He can die because of lack of food. We must feed him.' And when sloth Sima sleeps with his mouth open, the insects put small pieces of bananas and coconut milk into his mouth.



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