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40. A lamb

This is a lamb. Her name is Lola. She is young. She is white. She is small. She is nice. She is naive. 'I will go to the forest for a walk,' once she says to her mother sheep Shee-Shee. 'No, don't go to the forest. There is a big wolf in the forest. He will kill you. He will eat you. Stay home please. It''s my birthday today,' says the mother to Lola. But Lola is very young and naive, she wants to go to the forest and she goes to the forest. And she meets the big wolf there. The wolf is very hungry. He wants to eat. He jumps on the lamb. But he misses.

Why? Because Lola secretly studies Kung-fu, and her mother doesn't know about that. So Lola jumps and hits the wolf with her leg right in the wolf's eye. The wolf is dead. Lola is safe. She comes back home with a nice fur-coat from the wolf's hair. 'Mom, I have a present for you for your birthday.'

In a year there are no any wolves in the forest and all sheep have nice and warm fur-coats.



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