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27. A deer

This is a deer. He lives in the forest. He has huge horns. His name is Horny. He has many friends all over the world. Why? Because he is not a simple deer. He can run on the clouds in the sky. Every year Horny comes to all children in the world with a big sledge full of gifts and presents. Children are very happy to see him. But there is someone in his sledge. 'Who are you?' asks Horny. 'I'm Santa Claus', says the old man. 'AGAIN???' Horny is angry. 'This old man likes to travel. I think', says Horny to himself. 'He does it every year. Poor man doesn't have money to buy a plane ticket. Buckle up your belt,' he yells to the old man and zooms along the Milky Way to the next child...



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