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Homework 1 | Homework 2 | For my students

  1. I need money
  2. I need to make money
  3. I need a new computer
  4. I need to buy a new computer
  5. I heed a fried
  6. I need to have a friend
  7. I need water
  8. I need to drink water
  9. I need dinner
  10. I need to make dinner
  11. I need English
  12. I need to speak English
  13. I don't need money
  14. I don't need much time
  15. I don't need new clothes
  16. I don't need a new job
  17. I don't need to study Chinese
  18. I don't need to go to work
  19. I don't need to study grammar
  20. I don't need to call my clients
  21. What do you need to do?
  22. Who do you need to call?
  23. Who do you need to talk to?
  24. Where do you need to go?
  25. How do you need to make this?
  26. When do you need to work?
  27. How much do you need to pay?
  28. How long do you need to wait?
  29. Why do you need to do it?
  30. How often do you need to do English?