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FOR DMITRY (1) - Listen to
  1. I listen to music.
  2. I'm ready to listen to you.
  3. I've listened to it.
  4. Did you listen to the lesson?
  5. How many times did you listen to it?
  6. I want to listen to Chinese.
  7. Listen to me.
  8. Don't listen to him.
  9. I don't wanna listen to this.
  10. Why are you listening to it?
  11. I'm gonna listen to a new book.
  12. He listens to me.
  13. She doesn't listen to her mum.
  14. I must listen to English speech.
  15. I listened to it but I forgot everything.
  16. I want to listen to it and to remember it.
  17. I couldn't listen to English yesterday.
  18. He listens to Spanish every day.
  19. What does she usually listen to?
  20. I heard it, didn't listen to.
  21. Who do you listen to?
  22. What did you listen to?
  23. What have you listened to?
  24. If you listen to it a lot you'll understand.
  25. How can you listen to it?
  26. I love listening to English audiobooks.
  27. I've started listening to Chinese.
  28. I'm not going to listen to it anymore.
  29. Is she going to listen to anybody?
  30. I refuse to listen to you anymore.