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Harry Potter. Part Nine.

  1. Harry looks like an ordinary boy.
  2. But sometimes strange things happen with him.
  3. Once aunt Petunia wanted to cut his hair.
  4. And she did it.
  5. After that Harry had a very shot hair and he didn't like it.
  6. He was very worried about this.
  7. He wanted to have his old haircut.
  8. He didn't want to go to school with this short hair.
  9. He couldn't sleep well at night.
  10. And when Harry woke up next day his hair was not short.
  11. His hair was the same as it was before.
  12. As if aunt Petunia didn't cut his hair at all.
  13. Once aunt Petunia wanted Harry to put on an old Dudly's jumper.
  14. Harry didn't want to wear Dudly's clothes.
  15. Aunt Petunia tried again and again to put this jumper on Harry.
  16. But the jumper was getting smaller and smaller.
  17. Aunt Petunia decided that she had washed this jumper in too hot water.
  18. That's why this jumper was so small.
  19. Once Dudly and his friends wanted to beat Harry.
  20. They ran after Harry.
  21. Harry ran from them.
  22. And in a second Harry was not on the ground.
  23. Harry was on the roof of the school.
  24. Harry didn't know why it was happening with him.
  25. Harry didn't know how it happened to him.
  26. Harry was not an ordinary boy.
  27. Harry was a strange boy.