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Harry Potter. Part Eight.

  1. Almost ten years passed.
  2. Harry Potter lives in a small room.
  3. It's not a room.
  4. It's a cupboard.
  5. There are many spiders there.
  6. Harry Potter is not tall.
  7. He has black hair.
  8. He has green eyes.
  9. He wears glasses.
  10. The Dursleys don't love him.
  11. They shout at him.
  12. They yell at him.
  13. They are never friendly with Harry.
  14. Dudley always beats Harry or tries to beat Harry.
  15. But Harry is slim, small and fast.
  16. And Dudley is big, far and slow.
  17. Harry never asks about his parents.
  18. Uncle Vernon and aunt Petunia are very angry.
  19. They don't want to talk about Harry's parents.
  20. They told him that his parents died in a car crash.