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Harry Potter. Part Seven.

  1. Professor Dumbledore and professor McGonagall talk about Harry Potter.
  2. Professor Dumbledore thinks it is not so good for a small boy to be famous:
  3. - Harry will live here, with these people. It will be better for him.
  4. - But who will bring him here? - asks professor McGonagall.
  5. - Hagrid will bring him.
  6. Soon they hear a loud noise.
  7. Then they see a motorbike.
  8. On the motorbike there is a huge man.
  9. He has something in his arms.
  10. It's a blanket.
  11. There is a baby boy in the blanked.
  12. It's Harry Potter.
  13. He is sleeping.
  14. He has a scar on his forehead.
  15. It's a mark where Voldemort pointed when he wanted to kill Harry.
  16. Harry will not remember it.
  17. Because Harry is a very small boy.
  18. He is only one year old.
  19. - We need to say good bye, - says Dumbledore.
  20. - Good bye Harry, - says everybody.