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Harry Potter. Part Six.

  1. Professor Dumbledore and professor McGonagall work together.
  2. They are talking now.
  3. Professor Dumbledore tells a story:
  4. 'Voldemort killed many people.
  5. He killed James Potter.
  6. He killed Lily Potter.
  7. He wanted to kill Harry Potter.
  8. But he couldn't.
  9. Harry Potter is alive.
  10. And Voldemort disappeared.
  11. Harry has no parents anymore.
  12. The Dursleys are Harry's relatives.
  13. Harry Potter will live in this house'
  14. Professor McGonagall doesn't like this idea:
  15. 'These people are very bad.
  16. These people will not love Harry.
  17. These people have a very bad son.
  18. This boy, Dudley, always cries and shouts.
  19. Harry Potter must live in our world.
  20. Harry Potter will be famous.'