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Harry Potter. Part Five.

  1. It's evening.
  2. Everybody is sleeping.
  3. You can see an old man in the street.
  4. He is very old.
  5. He is very tall.
  6. He is very slim.
  7. He has a long beard.
  8. His name is Albus Dumbledore.
  9. He has a strange thing in his hand.
  10. He makes a click and one lamp is dead.
  11. He makes 25 clicks.
  12. 25 lamps are dead.
  13. It's very dark now in the street.
  14. He comes up to the the Dursleys' house.
  15. He sees a cat.
  16. - Hello professor McGonagall.
  17. A cat turns into a woman.
  18. - Hello professor Dumbledore, how did you know it was me?
  19. -You looked like a strange cat. Normal cats like to run, to jump, to walk, to sleep. You were sitting like a statue.
  20. - I was watching this house.