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Harry Potter. Part Four.

  1. Mr. Dursley comes home.
  2. He wants to talk to his wife.
  3. But he is afraid.
  4. He wants to ask her about Potters.
  5. As you remember, Petunia has a sister.
  6. And her sister is Lily Potter.
  7. But Petunia never speaks about her sister.
  8. She hates her sister.
  9. Because her sister and her husband are very strange.
  10. Mr. Dursley doesn't know how to start speaking about it.
  11. - Petunia, dear. Did you hear about your sister?
  12. - No. Why?
  13. - Nothing... Nothing... Just... They have a son.
  14. - And what?
  15. - Is his name Harold?
  16. - No.
  17. - Is his name Henry?
  18. - No.
  19. - Is his name...
  20. - Harry. Common nasty name. I think so.
  21. - Yes, darling.
  22. They stop speaking.
  23. Mr. Dursley is afraid, because he heard in the street the name 'Harry Potter'.