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Harry Potter. Part Eleven.

  1. Harry gets a letter.
  2. But he can't read this letter.
  3. Uncle Vernon takes it from him and tears it in pieces.
  4. Harry Potter is very angry.
  5. It is his letter, written for him!
  6. Uncle Vernon and aunt Petunia are very frightened.
  7. In an hour they come up to Harry and tell him:
  8. - Take your things. You will live in another room on the second floor.
  9. - I don't want another room! I want my letter! - cries Harry.
  10. Now Dudley is very angry.
  11. He has a room where he keeps his toys.
  12. But now Harry is going to live in this room.
  13. - This is my room! I don't want to see Harry in my room! - yells Dudley.
  14. - You have your bedroom, and Harry will live in this room, - says Mr. Dursleys.
  15. Why must Harry change his room?
  16. Because on the envelope there is a writing: 'Number 4, Privet Drive Street, cupboard under the stairs, to Harry Potter.'
  17. Dursleys know something about this letter and they are afraid.
  18. Next day they get about fifty letters and Mr. Dursleys destroys them all.
  19. Harry wants to get and to read this letter, but he is small, and uncle Vernon is very big and strong.
  20. Next day after that uncle Vernon says: 'We are leaving this house. We will go there where nobody will find us. New place. No letters.'