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Harry Potter. Part Ten.

  1. Once Dursleys are sitting at the table.
  2. They are having lunch.
  3. Mr. Dursley hears a noise at the front door.
  4. It's mail.
  5. - Dudly, bring the mail.
  6. - No. I don't want. Let Harry bring the mail, - says Dudley.
  7. - Harry bring the mail, - says uncle Vernon.
  8. - Let Dudly do it, - says Harry.
  9. Mr. Dursley is very angry.
  10. - GO AND BRING THE MAIL, - he shouts at Harry.
  11. Harry goes to the front door.
  12. He sees some letters.
  13. He looks at the letters.
  14. One of them is very interesting.
  15. It has many stamps and golden writings.
  16. Harry read the writings on the letter.
  17. This letter is for him!
  18. This letter is for Harry Potter!
  19. But Harry has no friends or other relatives.
  20. Who wrote this letter to him and why?